Interaction Design Class 
| Fall 2016 & Spring 2018 | UX/UI Designer

Task: My task was to develop the user experience and interface design of a full website with a mobile-first mentality. The project began with user research and creating personas before we moved into low and high fidelity wireframes. Since finishing the interaction design class, I have revisited LangoTango and redesigned the interface independently.

Role: I worked independently in class to design the website and regularly received feedback from my peers and professor.

Challenge: In an effort to create low and high fidelity wireframes, I experimented with a variety of different web design tools such as Balsamiq, Adobe XD, and Invision.

Take Away: I learned the basic of UI design and wireframing when I first created the project in 2016. In returning to the project two years later, I was able to apply what I had learned about UX and UI design since then. I intend on returning again to the project in a few years to continue to build the platform.


User stories and variations on initial wireframes


Low fidelity wireframes of desktop and mobile created with Balsamiq


Wireframes of dashboard directions created with Adobe XD


High fidelity screens in mobile and desktop


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